Solar Analysis

Not every home qualifies as a great solar candidate. Shading issues, roof orientation and available space are key factors to deciding if solar is a viable option. A Solar Analysis will help determine if your home qualifies, and its a service we offer at no cost.

Questions that are answered in this Solar Analysis:

Questions that are answered in this Solar Analysis:

  1. What size of system do I need?
  2. Is it possible to generate 100% of the power my home needs?
  3. How much does a system for my home cost?
  4. Does it make sense financially to invest in solar?
  5. What warranties are there on the equipment you use?
  6. How many panels will need to go up on my roof?
  7. What happens when there is a power outage?
  8. How much money can I save by going solar?
  9. What is the benefit of Tier-Shaving?
  10. If I finance solar, will my payment be lower than my current power bill?

Required information to generate a Solar Analysis:

To customize each Solar Analysis, we need to know how much electricity you used the previous year in order to design the correct size of your solar project. This can be accomplished by sending us the past 12 months electricity usage, gathered from either your electric bill or by calling you utility company. Most utility companies will send you an email with this information that you can forward on to us.